Monday, September 1, 2014

On the Road

Believe it or not.....this was my devotion for today from the Daily Word,
Titled, "Fulfilled"

"Fulfilling a dream and accomplishing a goal have their own rewards.  It is often the journey to the fulfillment and accomplishment, however, that satisfies the yearning to learn more and to expand one's horizons.
I enjoy the journey that I am on today.  I enjoy every moment of it.  Every turning point is a change of direction that enriches my experiences.
I thank God for everything - every lesson learned, every dream come true.  I am making the most of my time and my efforts.  I give back to God by contributing my creativity and skills, my ideas and time, to enhance the lives of others."

Out the Door

See You Later!

Hey, Don't Forget Me!

A friend called this morning to wish us "Journey Mercies."  She said her mother always had told them that little blessing whenever they traveled.  I like the simple message it sends.....Thank You, E.

So....."Journey Mercies"