Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coronado, California

My sister lives in Coronado, California.  Coronado is home to a United States Naval Base.  The Coronado Bridge spans the San Diego Bay and is just a little over two miles long....and 200 feet of clearance below.  It also can withstand an 8.3 on the earthquake Richter scale.  The clearance of the bridge would allow an aircraft carrier to go beneath the bridge.  It is quite an impressive bridge and that is an understatement! .....let alone noticing all the ships anchored in port.....
The following pictures were taken by my sister from her balcony view.....
The city of San Diego is located across the bay.
(Notice the position of the lamp post in each of the pictures)

A "Sailboat" Regatta

A Sunny Day in Coronado 


A Lazy Hazy Day of Summer