Saturday, August 16, 2014


This is a map of our route.....leaving from Winona lake, Indiana.  The little yellow boxes on the map are "way points" where the route changes.  (The boxes are not points of interest.) We will be traveling west through Chicago.  Our first major stop is in Mitchell, South Dakota.  Mt. Rushmore.  Working our way to Yellowstone National Park, traveling north through Montana, visiting Glacier National Park.  We will cross into Canada driving through the Canadian Rockies, stopping at Banff and Lake Louise,driving back to the south and crossing into Washington, visiting Olympic National Park.  We will travel along the coast of Oregon, traveling to Northern California and staying in that area for several days.  We will be traveling south on our way to San Diego, seeing Pebble Beach and Monterey and the Sequoias.  We will be staying in San Diego for several days.   Heading back home via the southern route, stopping at the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde (Cliff Dwellers National Park)..... Continuing home through Kansas City and then......'Back Home Again in Indiana' !!

That was a quick trip....wasn't it?   (32 trip days)