Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sedona, Arizona

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sedona, Arizona

We left Phoenix this morning and enjoyed the trip north to Sedona, which was not a lengthy drive.  Sedona's attraction is its red sandstone formations and art gallery's and tourist shopping.

Phoenix Mountains 

Heading to Sedona - Verde Valley     (Green Valley)

Succulents along the Way


Ouch!              I'm not sure, but, this could be a stressed out clump of grass?

Prickly Pear

The beginning of the Red Sandstone Rocks

Rain Clouds moving in.....

Many Objet's d'art     (objects of art)

Mariachi Tin Men singing 'Feliz Navidad'......if I lived in Sedona, I would have these Mariachi Men in my garden of cactuses.

If I had a sheep farm, I would need these tin sheep as my garden ornamentation.

Jellyfish Wind Sculpture.   It is mesmerizing.  Wish I could have captured the movement.

Life Size Bronze Sculptures outside a Gallery in Sedona.....a lovely walk.....

Feed the Birds

Little Hunter

Wanna buy a bronze moose for $10,000.00?

Guardian Angel

Tug of War against a Red Rock Wall

The Bear Sculpture was carved against something that appeared  to be black Granite?
It, too, was for sale for a hefty sum!  But, if it was mine...I don't think I would tire of looking at the bear..
That is what galleries want you to do - contemplate......

Ominous Clouds coming in over the mountains......
Storm warnings were issued and also a tornado watch.  We were at a elevation of 5,000 feet.
So, we decided to head down the mountain.  It was 30 miles to our next destination.
I thought we were out of the "winding, narrow road barricade-free along the rim.... perilous mountain
driving"......but, NOOOOOO!!!  Those 30 miles were crazy!  Phil does great - thank goodness, 
but, me.....well you can guess!

Rain.....Rain.....Rain.  I cannot complain about our travel weather...this is the first major rain.  
Plus, we faced 3 inches of snow in the Canadian Mountains, but, other than that........

We caught our breath at a nice restaurant

And had a few bites of delicious desserts.  We saved a few bites for a midnight snack!

Tomorrow, Sunday, September 28, 2014.
I will be posting a second post of The Holy Cross Chapel in Sedona, Arizona.  
Appropriate for a Sunday.....

We are changing our direction heading east.....we have bypassed the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado due to the severe weather......taking the three days to get to 
Kansas City to visit my aunt and uncle by Wednesday, October 1.  We will still get home when we thought we would.

Journey Mercies