Monday, September 22, 2014

Coronado, California

Monday, September 22, 2014
Coronado, California - Day 1

We left the Santa Barbara area this morning and headed for Coronado.  We were concerned about getting caught up in L. A. traffic......which is constant!  Yikes!

We were fortunate after an hour plus of heavy traffic to drive out of it and keep up with the pace.
We also were allowed to drive in the "carpool" lane because we had three passengers.  
And....we were glad that there were no accidents or road construction!

Crossing the Coronado Bay Bridge
It has been 25 years since last we were in Coronado.  
I was surprised how emotional I became finally arriving in Coronado - 
.....being with Linda...she was emotional too.
It was good to finally arrive in Coronado.  
It was good to know we had made it this far in our trip.... (Mt. Shasta and Coronado were my goal). 
It was good to be out of the mountains and traffic.....and to have a chance to catch our breath!

San Diego Skyline from the San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge

Crossing the Bridge.....just so you know.....the bridge will withstand an 8 point on the Richter scale!

Boats, Ships and Watercraft on the Bay

Linda's Cactus and Rose and Bird of Paradise

We walked to a Restaurant right next door to their Apartment and had dinner.....Great View!

Dusk on the Bridge

Our Waiter with Vanilla Ice Cream and Espresso 

The Emerald Shapery across the Bay.  In the evening their green lights turn on.

Emerald Shapery Center

The Emerald Shapery Center is a mixed-use high-rise comprising office, hotel, retail and restaurant space. The 30-story office tower and 27-story hotel are connected by a 100-foot glass atrium.
The Emerald Shapery Center is recognized as one of the finest projects of its type in the country as is evidenced by the fact that it has been featured on the cover of 41 publications in addition to being recognized in the Sunday edition of the New York Times and USA Today.
The Center's sixteen-sided tower offers spectacular views of Mexico to the south, San Diego Harbor to the west, the California coastline to the north and downtown/Balboa Park to the east.
(Reference google - Shapery Enterprises)
It is great to be in Coronado!!  We will be here for most of the week.
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