Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pebble Beach - Monterey Peninsula

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pebble Beach - Monterey Peninsula  

Our drive from Salinas, California to Pebble Beach, Monterey Peninsula was about a half hour.  
(We had stayed in Salinas the night before). We drove through more fields of vegetables; onions, cabbages, lettuces, etc. It amazes me to see in this "small" part of the United States the vegetable fields that are pristinely cultivated and planted and how precisely the seeds / plants are planted.....and how it all feeds America.  
When we arrived at Pebble Beach we were able to drive the coastal resort and visit "Points of Interest."
At the conclusion of our drive, we stopped at the Pebble Beach Golf Links, home of the famous golf course and had a light lunch at "The Lodge."

POI - #1 Pacific Ocean 

Seagull    :-) 

POI - #2  Vista   Waves Crashing the Rocks

Pacific Ocean Waves Crashing on Shore

POI - #3         Golf Fairway right next to the Ocean - Spyglass Hill Golf Course

POI - #4  Peninsula "Tip"     The Blue Sky began to Peek through the Clouds

POI - #5  Iconic "Lone Cypress" is said to be the one of the most photographed trees in America.
Could be as old as 250 years, the cypress has been scarred by fire and held in place with cables for 65 years.

POI - #6   Seals on the Rocks next to Pebble Beach.    
See the Baby Seal in the middle of the picture?  He is laying across his momma.
The Sea Air near the Seals was very pungent!

POI - #7      18th Hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links
When we were there they were setting up for a Tournament or Special Event?

The 18th Hole without the Tent and etc.    

POI - #8  Citrus Dungeness Crab Salad at the Pebble Beach Golf Links Lodge 

POI - #9     PGA Trophy Case

I don't recall what special golf tournament this trophy was given?  

After spending six hours at Pebble Beach, we headed down California #101 to our overnight destination in Carpinteria, California.

Cachuma Lake, Santa Barbra, California

Sunset over the Pacific at the Santa Ynez Mountain Range, driving through the Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara, California.

Saying 'Good Night' with a picture of a California Barn, surrounded by cabbages. 

Tomorrow, Monday, September 22, 2014

We will arrive in San Diego tomorrow afternoon.  

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