Monday, September 15, 2014

Mt. Shasta, California - Day 1

We have finally arrived in Mt. Shasta, California!  My niece and her family live here.  She has a little boy who will be one year old later this month......A good reason to come to California and Celebrate!  My sister and her family flew up from San Diego.....and, believe it or not we all arrived within minutes of each other!  Amazing!   Good ol' GPS!  We will be in Mt. Shasta for the rest of the week!
Yay! And Yay again!!  It has been a year and a half since last we were all together.

Mt. Shasta from Interstate 5.  Notice the cloud formation.

Our token lumber truck, but, this truck caught our eye.  It is a truck carrying Louisiana-Pacific LVL.
L-P was a former supplier of ours.  We sold many million of board feet of LVL once upon a time.

Our niece's house

My attempt at seeing something "Artsy".  Bark from a huge Birch Tree

Beautiful tree in their front yard

On our way to where we are staying.

At Mt. Shasta Lodge, sister and her family are staying right next door

Large Pinecone - 12 inches
Itty Bitty Oak Start

Salmon and Salad and Bread.  

For Health and Strength and Daily Food, We Praise Thy Name O Lord.  Amen.

This is a little prayer that we sang around our table as little girls.  And, we have sung it now with our grandchildren.  How awesome is that?

Tomorrow, September 17, 2014
More of Mt. Shasta and Family....

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