Friday, September 12, 2014


Friday, September 12, 2014

One last look and saying "good-bye" to a sweet spot in the United States - LaConner, Washington.

Phil has come to this area many times during his career and has always enjoyed visiting.  I was fortunate to see where he had been years ago....we would round a curve and he would say, 
"I walked that trail." or, "We ate there and they served great oysters," or, "I walked the length of the Deception Pass Bridge."  Back in the day and over the years, Phil would bring a lot of the folks that worked at our business out to the northwestern corner of Washington. They would visit our suppliers and enjoy the surrounding area, visiting many points of interest.   I know that those who were able to come out west appreciated that opportunity.  Our visit to this area provoked a lot of memories for Phil and I am glad I was able to be here and see what he had seen.

On our way to the Ferry Crossing.....
Former Fort Casey - now a Conference Center and State Park


While waiting for the Ferry a large ship "cruised" by......

Here comes the Ferry!

Docking and Boarding.  Those who had a reserved ticket were able to board first.  We had a reservation.  Yay!

Following the leader......there are nine rows available for vehicles; semis, motor cycles, campers, RV's, SUV's, cars, bicycles and folks who can walk on.  I have no idea how many cars and trucks, etc's were on board?  We went to the deck and enjoyed the view....

Crossing the Puget Sound via Ferry
Two semis boarded and the ferry didn't budge with the heavy weight!

Churning waters the ferry begins the crossing.

Enjoying the cross!

Love the shadows of the fence guard on the deck

As we approach our destination dock

Port Townsend, Washington - our destination to continue traveling to Olympic National Park

Guess what?  We stopped at a lumber mill and saw many slabs of beautiful wood and wished we could have taken a few slabs home!  EdenSaw Woods, Ltd. ships slabs.

We finally arrived in Sequim,Washington, and enjoyed a night on the town!

Friday Nights have always been Mexican Restaurant Night in our family!

Tomorrow - September 13, 2014 - Olympic National Park

"Journey Mercies"