Friday, September 26, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona

Friday, September 26, 2014

Continuing Eastward....stopping in Phoenix, Arizona for the night and visiting Sedona, Arizona, artsy, craftsy, antiquie, touristy-junkie town, so, surely I'll find something fun?

We left Coronado, California this morning.....there were tears and smiles and wondering when we would see each other for another visit?   ????
We had a wonderful time in California......enjoying spending so much time with my niece in 
Mt. Shasta and my sister in Coronado!  
Thank You! Linda and Jim, Barbra, Diane, Bryan, Gus.....for memories of a lifetime!!!!  
Miss you ALL, already!

Heading for the Interstate on our way out of town - going down Orange Avenue, Coronado.

Turn right on Fourth Street and it takes you over the Bridge.....

Getting Closer......

How high are we?

200 Feet at the Crux.      Yikes!     See the Shipyard below?   Farewell Coronado......

Talk about your Rocky Mountains!

Lone Cloud

Driving out of the Mountain Range...with wind power on the horizon....

The Desert
We followed the California, Arizona, Mexican Border and the temperature went up to 
102 degrees!  Along the way we noticed a lot of border patrol stations, barriers, and hot sand.
We had to slow down and come to a stop with the rest of the traffic and were asked by a 
Border Patrol Agent if we were citizens.....   We did not cross into Mexico.

The highway followed a railroad track for miles and miles and miles.  We saw many long trains each with 4 to 6 engines, following each other......  and the cars were empty.....
wonder where they were going?

Cacti at an Oasis

A storm in the desert

We out drove the storm, but, we wished it would have rained a little to wash off the bug goo.

Phoenix Traffic with the Arizona Cardinals Stadium on the Horizon 

Go Cardinals....

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 27, 2014 - Sedona, Arizona.  On our way to the Grand Canyon.

Journey Mercies