Saturday, September 20, 2014

Traveling to Monterey,California and Pebble Beach

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Leaving Mt. Shasta, California and traveling Interstate 5 to Highway 101 - The Mission Trail,
aka - The El Camino Real.
The El Camino Real is Spanish for The Royal Road, referring to the historic 600-mile California Mission Trail, connecting the 21 missions from San Diego to Sonoma, California

We noticed several of these Bell Markers along the highway marking the Mission Trail.
The first part of the El Camino Real began in San Diego to Monterey, California. (Interstate 5)
The second part began in Santa Clara to San Francisco. (State Highway 82)
San Francisco at Highway 101 continues to San Rafael, California.
The final stretch is San Rafael to the last mission in Sonoma, California. (State Highway 37)

The Mission Bells are dedicated to St. Didacus. (?)   The Missions continue to be active Catholic Parishes. In 1920, the bronze mission bells were placed along the highway to let motorists know they are traveling the historic El Camino Real.
(Referencing Wikipedia) 

A Mission Bell Highway Marker

I wondered what I might see today to photo and comment on as we traveled Interstate 5 and 
Highway 101?  We drove out of the mountains south of Redding, California.  We were driving past huge fields of vineyards, vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, broccoli......) and fruit (raspberries, strawberries, and apricot trees.  There were many groves of nut trees.

Notice the fields of vineyards in the horizon with a California Barn

Oat Hay?  -  Sonoma, California 

Almonds or Pistachios recently Harvested.     

Piles of Nuts!

This was a fascinating drive-by......

A shipment / load of Pistachios 

Grain Elevators along Interstate 5

Grain (or nut) Storage and a California Barn

Close-up of an Olive Tree's Bark

My sister is traveling with us and somehow we found a spot for her to be comfortable traveling!
Our 4-Runner is PACKED!  We stopped for the evening in Salinas, California.  Phil found a restaurant in downtown Salinas called the Golden Fish Resaturant.  It is owned by a friendly and nice El Salvadorian, named Oscar.  We had a "Fish Bowl".....grilled salmon served over black beans and rice with tomato, purple onion, mango, Caribbean cabbage salsa with marinated guacamole.  The Best!

Fish Bowl

Blackened Prawn Tostada

Every bite was wonderful.  Oscar guessed we were not local and was surprised that we are from Indiana.  We learned that he has relatives in Nobelsville.  It is a small world!

Tomorrow, Sunday, September 21, 2014 - "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow" 

We travel to Monterey, California and Pebble Beach.....continuing our journey to San Diego.
It was difficult for all of us to leave our niece and baby G. this morning.  Tears were shed, but, ALL of us are so grateful that we could have our reunion!  Love You, D. and G. and B. too!!!

Journey Mercies