Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Oyster and Thistle Restaurant and Pub

On Wednesday, September 10, 2014, we ate at The Oyster and Thistle Restaurant in LaConner, Washington.  We had checked into our motel, The Channel Lodge.  LaConner is a small town that offers great views, shopping and restaurants.  We had reservations and walked through the town to The Oyster and Thistle.

We had a lovely table in the dining room

I had the best salmon I have ever tasted.  It was fresh salmon prepared on a cedar plank with golden potatoes, green beans, grilled apple and a grilled tomato.

Phil had pan fried oysters and a delicious salad with Roquefort dressing and bacon.  I had a bite of oyster and it, too, was delicious.
Phil remembered a restaurant from when he had traveled to this area, about 10 years ago and wanted to go back, only to find it had left the location with which he was familiar.  He did some research and was able to locate the previous proprietors and their new restaurant....."The Oyster and Thistle"

The restaurant is on a hill in LaConner.  It has lead glass windows, fresh flowers, and white linens.  You feel like you are eating in a pub in an English village.  Our server brought a basket of baguette bread with a pat  of butter covered in a black truffle sauce.  It was delicious!

The Oyster and Thistle had a wonderful dessert menu too.  Normally we don't indulge ourselves with dessert following such a great dinner, but, they featured creme brûlée.  One of our favorites!  So we shared a creme brûlée.  The creme brûlée ranked right up there on our lists of brûlée's!

It was pleasant evening in LaConner!
Thanks, B.!