Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Corn Palace, The Badlands, Mt. Rushmore

We started day three on a long day journey across the state of South took us all day to cross South Dakota, because, we stopped at the Corn Palace in Mitchell......We stopped at the the Badlands (we had not intended to stop and enjoy the drive, but, we were so close to the Badlands National Park that we just "had" to!) the Badlands had a loop scenic drive that was 32 miles through the park......what a fascinating terrain formation....and why there? And what caused it?  I will do some research and have that information for you in a following post!  We had seen hundreds of Wall Drug store road signs and I had checked it out on google, so, we exited in Wall and went to the "drug store" and had a chocolate is a tourist trap!  We got our car decal....(more on the decal later)  and headed to Mt. Rushmore and arrived late afternoon.....  I was a young girl last our family was there....but, it looked the same....still impressive and grand and amazing....makes one feel that patriotism vibe....

CORN PALACE, Mitchell, South Dakota

Of course there would be major reconstruction on the Corn Palace while we tourists were there, but, we were able to see some murals and what their future plans are for the facility....and, of course, we went to the gift shop.....
They had a very pleasant docent explaining everything about the history and the future plans.
They had already removed some of the corn murals from the outside of the building.  

Homage to my Dad.  This corn mural is on the outside of the building, it is surrounded by wheat shafts.  The artists use 11 varieties of corn.  They pick the corn while it is still damp, so, the kernels do not fall off the cob which causes the kernels to dry and harden quickly.

My niece paid her homage to her Grandpa.....(this watercolor was not in the Corn Palace)

Wheat Shafts, the little bit of chalk board in this picture is the plan for the mural and the color of corn.

This mural is showing the Indian thanking the Spirit for the corn and the significance of the buffalo.
The artists use scenes in their murals using the Indian and their surrounds, like, tepees, offering a peace pipe, the buffalo, the eagle, pottery and baskets.  The artist also used the cowboy, covered wagons, panning for gold, hunters and trappers, a mission church.

We also crossed the Missouri River

The Badlands National Park



Mountain Goats in the parking lot at Mt. Rushmore.....they didn't care about us!

George's Profile

We decided to be really geeky or cool and get a decal for our car window for every place we visit.
This is the beginning of our collection.

Tomorrow we are on the road again, making it to Yellowstone late afternoon.
"Journey Mercies"