Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lake Louise

We woke up to snow on the Lodge Pole Pine with the promise of sunshine continuing our trip West to Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.  A more agreeable day traveling for sure!

Snow on the tree tops......literally

The Fairmont Chateau Hotel - Lake Louise
Please forgive the car antenna in the pictures.  It was 28 degrees!
We could not get to Lake Louise, due to not having a "park pass."  That was okay, because there still was a lot of cloud cover and we wouldn't have been able to see much of the lake view.  
The elevation was 5,500 feet.
The hotel and the area draw a lot of European and Asian guests.

Flowers with snow at the Fairmont Chateau Hotel

Waiting for the Porter.........No, we did not stay here for a night.....it is $600.00 / night

We went to Lake Louise Village.  It is inside the Lake Louise National Park.  It is a quaint little place with shops, restaurants, post office and a grocery, and an outfitter shop......We had fresh fruit, a cinnamon roll.......and a mocha....

The trash containers.....one for trash...one for recyclables......are "bear proof."  We have seen the containers all over this section of the West.  They are made of heavy metal.

We are now on the Trans Canada #1 Highway through the Canadian Rockies......Finally!  The cloud cover was still low, but, the sun was trying to peek through and eventually it warmed up and the sun shone!  

If you are a 1960's kinda gal, you may remember the song written by George Harrison of The Beatles, in the 1969 Beatles album, "Abbey Road".  Sing it with me......

"Here comes the sun, doo,doo,doo,doo.
 Here comes the sun, and I say
 It's all right.

Little Darling, its been a long cold lonely winter.
Little Darling, it feels like years since its been here.
Here comes the sun.
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right."


    We pulled off the road to a little turn around and found a stream flowing into the river. Phil and I were the only people in this little roadside park.

    We went through 10 tunnels.  One tunnel was winding and over a mile long.

    Here comes the blue sky

    Crossing the Columbia River

    We drove into the town of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada
    Revelstoke is closely tied to the Canadian Pacific Railway.  There are many train tracks and a huge train yard.  Many trains were passing through Revelstoke, pulling over 100 cars or more using two engines in the front, one in the middle and one on the end......it took  that many engines to push the cars up the mountains.
    Revelstoke is also a tourist town.  There were many shops and restaurants in the town....a real foodie place.  Phil and I got out and walked a few blocks to stretch the old leg muscles and I saw this little store front......a public service you don't see in every town!  How does one forecast an avalanche?

    Shuswape Lake, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada....covers a120 square mile area.

    We saw a "log float" in the Columbia River along a saw mill.

    Our dinner tonight.....salmon (me), hamburger (Phil).     I have enjoyed salmon for dinner the last three nights....it has been prepared pan seared, roasted, and tonight, fire grilled.  My favorite prep was 
    pan seared.   I like salmon and hope to have more for dinner traveling to the Northwest where the salmon roam.

    We travel to the state of Washington tomorrow.....it will be great to be back in the United States!

    "Journey Mercies"