Saturday, September 13, 2014

Olympic National Park

Saturday, September 13, 2014

We traveled from Sequim to Port Angeles, Washington, which is the northern entrance to the park.
There are 922,650 acres of National Park and National Forest.  That is a lot of park!  We started off at the Visitors Center to get a park map, our bearings and directions.  The closest 'Point of Interest' was "Hurricane Ridge."  We began traveling up the mountain, appreciating the views of Mt. Baker and the valley below.   We drove gradually up the mountain with many pull-offs for views or to let cars pass.
It is difficult for the driver to look at the views, because, he is constantly watching the curves and the ridge.  We made it to the top of Hurricane Ridge which is 5,242 feet high!.......coming back down was exciting, to put it mildly!  Yet, another drive with winding and turns and no guard rails!  We decided we had enough of driving up to the tops of the mountains.....but, the mountain range was beautiful and impressive!  We awarded ourselves a Certificate that said "I Survived the Drive!" for going up and coming down the mountain successfully.  Fortunately, everyone gets a certificate - if they buy one!

Olympic National Park

Driving up Hurricane Ridge.  The views going up.

View of the valley.  Do you see Mt. Baker in the background?

More views of the Port Angeles Valley and Puget Sound

Panoramic View.....I think I see Indiana?

Top of Hurricane Ridge Views

View coming down the Hurricane Ridge.....a tiny "peak" of Mt. Baker

Objet d'Art - Octopus Sculpture at Port Angeles

Ship anchored in Port Angeles.  The ships name is "Alaska Frontier."  
The ship's home port is Portland, Oregon.

A Road Sign you do not see in Indiana

Logs at Port Angeles, Washington

Crescent Lake, Olympic National Park.  Crescent Lake is a very large lake within the park.

Pacific Ocean.  The drive through the park took us right next to the Pacific for 15 miles.

The drive around the park and in the park took us most of the day driving......about 7 hours!

The end of our day!  This monument was in front of our hotel.  So appropriate after coming down "Hurricane Ridge!"

The words and the road signs; hurricane, ridge, curve, avalanche, tsunami, rim, falling rocks, wildlife on road....are not the most comforting words in the world, but, I am fortunate to have a good driver by my side....

Tomorrow, Sunday, September 14, 2014 - Mount St. Helens 

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