Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Back in the Good Ol' USA - Washington State

We were able to see the Magnificent Canadian Rockies on our way "South" to Washington.

Mount Baker - part of the Northern Cascades - Bellingham, Washington 

We followed lumber trucks rolling down Highway Canada 5....  The loads were cedar and telephone poles. Because making our living with lumber, even tho, we sold Douglas Fir and Southern Pine and not cedar or telephone poles, we are still fascinated with the lumber trucks.

Farming in the tippy tip northwestern part of Washington.

A small town Lutheran Church close to Bellingham, Washington

The Chuckanut Trail and Puget Sound
The Chuckanut Trail is a scenic highway that follows the Puget Sound

The tide is out on Puget Sound

LaConner, Washington
Is a sweet little town on the water with shops, restaurants, museums, art galleries, antique shops
......and boats!
We are staying in the Channel Lodge which is right on the water!  Our views and the boat traffic is so relaxing after driving through the mountains.

Channel Lodge

Our Views

Crab Traps

Rainbow Bridge is down the "Channel" from our view.  

We became interested in LaConner when Phil would fly to this area to visit one of our suppliers.
I have not been here before. When we started planning this trip, Phil wanted to bring me back to this quaint little town.  We are visiting for two days.  This is our kind of place and you would love it too!

We had a lovely dinner this evening and I will do a separate post for the restaurant.

Tomorrow.....more LaConner

"Journey Mercies"