Saturday, September 6, 2014


This post is a "reprise" from Day 3, September 3, 2014

The white boxes in the center of this picture are beehives.

South Dakota is the largest producer of sunflowers and their byproducts in the United States.  Farming over 600,00 acres.  There are oilseed types that are used for birdseed and sunflower oil, and there is confection type that is used for human consumption. There are hybrids of sunflower seeds that produce higher yields.  If you are interested in producing sunflowers, check this website.

Grain Bins - South Dakota - September 3, 2014

Traveling across South Dakota on Interstate 90, there appears to be more cattle, more hay bales and grain bins than people.

One picture of a Grain Elevator and processing facility.

Home on the Range - Cattle

The Badlands - September 3, 2014
What is their history? How did they develop and why South Dakota?

The Badlands are fascinating!  (I'm sure I have said that before?). If you are interested in learning more about their development ...... here is a website for you to check out.

Where the Bighorn Mountains are the first mountain range that is separated from the Rocky Mountain Range.  A very winding road up the mountains. 

Bighorn National Forest - Wyoming

Shell Falls

Pictures taken from a Winding Road in Bighorn National Falls

I think I am caught up with the Points of Interest that I wanted to share.
The next day we were on our Yellowstone Bus Tour.