Monday, September 1, 2014

Crossing the Heartland

Crossing the Heartland

I am going to re-post the route map that shows the "way points" ....the little yellow boxes are not points of interest, they are where the route changes.

Route Map

Gas Prices....Phil wanted me to post this picture of what we paid for gas today in Iowa.  Wouldn't it be great to have gas prices like this for our travels?  $3.19 / gal.

Crossing the Heartland
The day started out to be very overcast and humid as we traveled west.  We had to take a detour south of Chicago, so, we totally missed seeing the skyline of which I was hoping to get a picture.  Once we were past the hubbub of traffic around the Chicago area, west of Joliet, Illinois, the sun shone and the sky was blue and the clouds, white and puffy.  
I love looking at farmland and the fields and be prepared for pictures of fields and clouds and trees, too.

God Bless America, Peoria, Illinois

Illinois Farm Vista taken from Interstate 80.  The clouds on the horizon were lavender.  And the field is corn.   Thousands of acres of corn and bean fields and the fields all looked like they belonged in a picture of a magazine. The vistas and the sky were picturesque.

Crossing the Mississippi River at Davenport, Iowa. Davenport is close to a town called Le Claire, Iowa, which is the home base for the History Channel's program, "American Pickers."  A. P. is one of our favorite television programs, but, we didn't stop in to say "HI".....or, to buy some "rusty gold."

Interstate 80.......Welcome to Iowa!

An Iowa field of beans.....more green fields, blue skies and white, puffy clouds.

What vistas will we see tomorrow as we travel closer to our first National Monument -Mt. Rushmore.