Monday, September 8, 2014

Alberta, Canada

Monday, September 8, 2014

Leaving Glacier Park Lodge on our way to Alberta, Canada and Lake Louise

Our room was in the middle green roofed portion - second floor.

All the service staff in Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and Lake Louise are foreign exchange youth interested pursuing a career in the travel industry.  All of them are young, nice looking and slim.  The ones that we have met are from Slovenia, Japan, Australia.....they live in the park in a "lodge dormitory."

We have been trying to be "frugal" with food on this trip......We decided to eat "on the fly" this morning and have breakfast in the car.  Phil wanted cheesy fish crackers and gummi bears and a mocha, but, I bought nutri-grain bars, orange juice and a coffee for us instead.....     :-) 

Totem Pole with Light.  Totem Pole was at the entrance of Glacier Park Lodge

There are several Indian Shanty Towns around Glacier National Park.  They were in sad shape....this was not a Chicago ghetto.....these towns were in the grasslands at the base of the Rocky Mountains.  
We were approached by a young Indian girl who wanted to sell us keychains and earrings.....Phil was washing the car and she may have noticed the license plate while she was walking by?
Our guide told us that the Indians do not want to be referred to as Native Americans.  

Open Range Cattle - Montana / Canada Border

Is this fog, steam, smoke or clouds?  Notice the mountain peak on the left side of picture.

It is low hanging clouds.

Small Catholic Church in the middle of a field in Babb, Montana.  The last town before crossing the border into Canada.

Babb, Montana
Our tour guide at Glacier National Park told us that the section of highway between Babb and the Canadian border - about 4 miles long - is the oldest highway in the United States.  It was part of a reclamation project once upon a time a long time ago.  I mailed a package from this little post office.  The last available United States post office before going into Canada.

Tepees on the Montana / Canadian border

Alberta, Canada     I have only used my passport twice, and both for entering Canada

More grain elevators in Nanton, Canada

Guess what it started doing in Calgary, Canada? ......on our way into the Canadian Rockies.....
up, up, up, into the peaks of Canada?  Phil and I have only been planning this trip for two years.
The thought process began with both of us wanting to travel to see the Canadian Rockies, Banff, and Lake Louise.  We wanted to take the passenger train through the Rockies, but, in order to take that kind of particular trip we would have had to fly into the train station and I don't care to fly! 
And, there was no loop to come back and pick up your flew into one town to embark and flew out of another town to disembark.  So, we opted to drive and include several National Parks as well.  Our main mountain range we wanted to see was the Canadian you see where I am going with this?

We drove in dropping temperatures (32 degrees on our dashboard!).....drove in wet snow and sleet, visibility was POOR!!! ....and large puffy white cloud like clumps of snow flakes....
We were traveling on highway Canada One, which is four-lane and there was guard rail all along the highway, so, that was reassuring....and we ONLY had to drive in the mess for two hours until we reached Lake Louise....we couldn't see anything in Banff, not even the huge green signs that tell you where you are and how much farther is your destination!....I kept my cool but, I was still white knuckled!  When we stopped, the snow was falling gently and the pine trees looked like Christmas time.
C'est La Vie!           I bought a DVD of the Canadian Rockies

Paradise Lodge - Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

The view from our charming bungalow.....truly lovely, with a TV and Wi-Fi !

Our dinner in Lake Louise Village.....British Columbia Salmon (me) Pork Roast (Phil). Yum!
Made up for a gummi bear breakfast!    :-)

Tomorrow, we HOPE to see something of Lake Louise!  But, they are calling for a 40% chance of more snow.  We will be driving to Kamloops for the night and then back down into Washington state on Wednesday.

"Journey Mercies"