Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015....a year to the day

As we headed north to the Canadian Rockies, the skies turned more overcast and cold-looking.  
A very small town close the Canadian border was, Babb, Montana.  There was a lovely little Catholic Church there sitting proudly on a hill.....and, so, I snapped a quick photo of it and posted it to the daily blog of our trip....just because it was quaint and proud standing on the hill in the middle of vastness....
My friend, Ann, who was following our trip sent me an email later (after we were home) and said that she and her family had worshipped there when they had traveled to that area.  What a coincidence!!
I was impressed!

We had no issues going through customs....the lady looked at our passports and asked our intentions and how long was our stay.....saw all the travel decals on the window and gave us permission to cross the border.

Continuing northward....the weather became more cold and a little snow flurry activity going on....we could handle that.....but, the closer we came to Calgary......the heavier the snow.....
It was great driving through Calgary and seeing all the buildings with the Olympic logo from the 1988 Winter Olympic Games.
We were on the main highway...Canada One heading for Banff and Lake Louise.  The snowflakes became heavier and more wet....visibility was POOR!!  The weather turned so badly, that the large green highway sign for directions and exits was snow covered that you couldn't even see where you were!  So, unfortunately we missed it and kept right on driving west....(we made the determination to continue, and not turn around, because our stay at Banff was "just" sightseeing and we were not spending the night there.)
The snow let up a little as we continued to Lake Louise.  We found that exit and entered the little village of Lake Louise.  Phil had made reservations for a little bungalow in the mountains and tall pines close to the Fairmont Chateau Hotel.  (The beautiful, picturesque hotel overlooking Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies)

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Unfortunately, we were unable to see similar views of the Fairmont Chateau Hotel or some of the Canadian Rockies due to the very heavy overcast skies, fog and threatening snow.

So, we came down the mountain and had a lovely dinner in the village, by a roaring fire in a huge fireplace.  We were glad to get back to our sweet little "Paradise Bungalow" and watch a little TV and emails and blog had updated technology!

Tomorrow, traveling more of the Canadian Rockies.....

Journey Mercies......