Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 10, 2015 - Traveling North Western Washington

Bellingham, Channel Lodge, Rainbow Bridge, Chuckanut Trail, Puget Sound, Deception Pass, LaConner, Anacortes, The Oyster and Thistle.....

All these towns, points of interest were within 50 miles of each other.
In this area, Phil was very familiar with the locale.  He had traveled here many times in his work with our suppliers of engineered wood.  I was looking forward to being where he had enjoyed so much of small towns, restaurants, etc.  

Chuckanut Trail - a scenic highway that follows Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean

We were fortunate to have reservations at the Channel Lodge in LaConner at the edge of the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound.  We stayed there for parts of three days.  We were right on the "canal" or "channel" that took many pleasure boats and fishing boats to different areas that surround the San Juan Islands.
We realized we could have spent a couple of weeks at LaConner.  A lovely little town with shops, and restaurants, antiques, art gallery' kind of place.....

Our room was on the third floor and had a little balcony....the hotel offered "happy hour" with local wines.  They offered a nice breakfast....amenities were great!
Phil and I said many times how we wish we could just sit on the balcony and watch the boats....
(we are small lake boat people with lakes that have small fish......not used to huge open water with whales!..... Even tho, we have been on Lake Michigan.)

We walked the town and enjoyed everything!
We had a terrific view of the Rainbow Bridge.....we crossed this bridge going to Anacortes, another town on Puget Sound.

We dined at The Oyster and Thistle

Pan Seared Salmon......Perfection

Anacortes, Washington 

Anacortes Marina

Deception Pass

North Western Washington, San Juan Islands and Puget Sound:

Maps courtesy of Wikipiedia maps.

Note Bellingham, LaConner, Anacortes, Deception Pass....
Also, there is Port Townsend where we had taken the ferry and disembarked while crossing the Sound as we headed to Olympic National Park at Port Angeles
And, maybe you will see on the map the town of Sequim.  We spent the night there in a Holiday Inn Express enjoying an evening of washing the car, going to the laundromat and eating great Mexican food.

Crossing the Canadian/U.S. boarder traveling to Bellingham.  Note: Anacortes and find 
Deception Pass in very tiny blue print, south of Anacortes.

On this map, you will see Bellingham, Anacortes and LaConner

Bellingham, Anacortes, Port Townsend, (our destination on the ferry) 
Sequim, (where we spent the night) the large green shaded area is Olympic National Park and Port Angeles, is to the west.

Journey Mercies......