Monday, September 14, 2015

September 15, 2015 - Remembering the Oregon Coast.....

September 15, 2014 - 
This was a travel day.  We were leaving southern Washington state and making our way to the Oregon coastline.  
We stayed in a Comfort Inn in Pacific City, Oregon.  A resort town.  I remember as we were driving south that there was a lot of traffic heading north......we couldn't figure out why there were no cars in our lane, but, hundreds of cars heading north...odd....we thought those cars knew something we didn't?  But, as it turned out all those vehicles were heading back to their homes (Portland?) after spending the weekend or longer vacations on the Oregon Coast.  Many resorts, restaurants, 
beach gear shops...etc.
We checked was okay, but, not a Holiday Inn Express.   Comfort Inn also offered breakfast, but, no comparison......
When we woke up and got ready to continue our southern route along the coast......FOG.  We could not see any of the Pacific Ocean at all for the duration of our drive in Oregon....bummer!  I believe we drove in foggy areas for the first half of the day.....

Phil wanted to stop at Bandon Dunes, a golf resort area that he and our son had played on several years before.  I remember it was very cool the day we were there and we needed to wear jackets.

Bandon Dunes                                                  (Photo courtesy of

We had lunch in one of the grills.  
We visited two golf pro shops and purchased a few things....a couple of kid golf caps and a golf shirt for our brother-in-law.

I recall doing a lot of driving that day on winding, forested roads....driving past fields and old barns....
There was not a lot of traffic.

Remote, Oregon 

We didn't drive through Remote or see the store.....but, we were driving on Oregon Highway 42 
and I snapped a quick pic on the fly of the directional sign.....just in case you ever wanted to go there?

"Remote is an unincorporated community located in Coos County, Oregon on the Coquille River.

Remote was named by local pioneers for its distance from other settlements. Its post office was established in 1887. Oregon Route 42 used to run through the center of the community, but realignment of the highway has left Remote several hundred yards away.  Like other Oregon communities, Nimrod and Boring.  Remote is often cited on lists of odd place names."          (Wikipedia)

But......Remote is such a perfect name for its location!.....cause we sure were remote! but, I don't know about Nimrod and Boring?

Remote, Oregon General Store and Post Office. (Courtesy of

Journey Mercies......