Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 12 and 13, 2015.....a year later...

Ferry Crossing from Fort Casey, Washington to Port Townsend, Washington
Olympic National Park- Port Angeles, Washington 

We left early morning from LaConner, Washington to connect with our ferry reservation about an hour away. Remembering it was a beautiful morning to drive to our destination.  
We arrived at the ferry dock with a little time to spare and enjoyed the views.  We watched ships crossing the Puget Sound.....thinking where are they going and what are they shipping....?

Coupeville Ferry Dock - the dock where we boarded

We had a perfect "cross" to Port Townsend.....
The weather was perfect albeit, a little chilly.  The ferry is a huge water "taxi" loaded with all types of vehicles and many people.  The inside of the ferry is very comfortable and roomy, however, we opted to stand on the outside on our own "deck."  The breeze was brisk and I wore my winter hat.  But, we would not have missed that experience!  It was a decent 20 minute ride.  

Port Townsend is surrounded by water; the Straits of Juan De Fuca, Admirality Inlet and Discovery Bay.
Port Townsend is one of three Victorian seaports in the United States.
I read online that Port Townsend was planned to be the "New York of the West."  But, the railroad was directed to be built in another direction.  So, with that decision regarding the railroad during the 1880's and 1890's Port Townsend had already begun to build their "Victorian" waterfront.  

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We disembarked...found a parking place and walked to a local cafe for a bite of lunch.  Not the most delicious of lunches, but, it was a great street, with antique shops, galleries...eateries.   
We continued on to Sequim, Washington for the night.... We checked into our Holiday Inn Express and found a laundromat, a car wash and a Mexican Restaurant.....we had a nice evening being "still"  and enjoying a great Mexican restaurant.

Olympic National Park.

Since we were so close to Olympic National Park, we made it one of our "Points of Interest" stops.

I do not know what possessed us to drive up Hurricane  Ridge?.....but, we did.  The drive up the 5,000 foot (plus or minus) mountain was beautiful.  
There were no guardrails!!   

At the top of Hurricane Ridge (Visitor Center).....there were hiking trails to continue to the top of Hurricane Ridge.  We did not walk to the top.  I had wrenched my ankle on a hiking trail at Deception, I wanted to take it easy.

I / We were glad to get down Hurricane Ridge.  We decided not to continue our tour and drove on down the highway to Chehalis, Washington, our nighttime destination.

Journey Mercies......