Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 24, 2015....Family Time in Coronado

Today, a year ago remembering that we visited my brother-in-law's business and shop.  And, later in the evening we enjoyed dinner at Jim's sister's home in Coronado.
It was a great day....just doing our thing...visiting places that were where my sister and family did their daily living......

The view out Linda and Jim's apartment is ever changing with the ships and boats that pass by.
The Coronado Navel Base is stationed on Coronado.  It truly makes one feel protected....

San Diego skyline with a naval ship....just happened to be passing by.....

The Air Craft Carrier, Midway, is docked on the San Diego shoreline as a museum and tribute.

Jim's shop - Active Sign

Jim does signing for apartment complexes, hospitals, and other businesses.  He travels north to Los Angeles and the San Francisco area.  He designs and prints and makes sure that all the codes are met on the signs.  He is a smart man, graduating from IU with a degree in accounting and earning his CPA.
But making signs and growing that business was in his blood since a young boy.  He learned from his dad and with his brothers.....growing up in northwest Indiana.

Jim is one of eight children.  He has 3 brothers and 4 sisters.  Jim is #4 in the lineage.
His father was from Greece and his mother, Australian.   All of Jim's brothers and sisters stay in touch with each other living across the United States.
Jim's youngest sibling and sister, Georgia and her family live in Coronado.  

All of us enjoyed an alfresco Greek dinner in Georgia's back yard.
We passed out gifts of cutting boards and tea towels, and Legos and assorted fairy garden things.

We had a Greek Salad, Gyros, Spanakopita, (Spinach Pie) Tzatziki, (cucumber and yogurt) 
Souvlaki, (small pieces of meat on skewers - ours was chicken) and Pita Bread.

Jim's two sisters, nieces and nephews cousins, husbands, aunts and was a great evening spending time with all of them!!  Thank you!!!....with love.......

Our last day spent in Coronado......remembering we were trying to "get it all in" before we headed east in the morning.....bittersweet....

The beach at Coronado to the west of Hotel del....a huge span of shoreline facing the Pacific Ocean.

Our last night in Coronado....
The San Diego Skyline

The Coronado Bay Bridge

Journey Mercies......