Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 3, 2015

We chose to go to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota only because I had gone there when I was a kid with my family.  I really don't remember too much about it when I was a kid except that the Corn Palace was covered and decorated on the outside with actual corn on the cob from top to ground.  The inside was all souvenir tables and very rustic.....remembering there were lots of moccasins.....

Corn Palace - circa 1965

Mitchell, South Dakota was a lovely, quaint little town.....beautiful older homes, churches on every block and schools scattered throughout town.   

Onward to Mt. Rushmore.....

On our way to Mt. Rushmore and off the interstate was a place called Wall, South Dakota...a tired, old, dated, tourist trap....we were lured in by the signs.....we didn't stay too long and headed down the highway.  
Phil and I really didn't pay attention about stopping at the Badlands National Park until we drove right by the entrance to the, we decided to turn in and drive the loop drive around the park.  We had purchased a National Park Pass and were able to enter the park for "free."  
The Badlands were fascinating....every turn in the road displayed a different rock formation.  We are fans of the "Star Wars" movies and the Badlands looked like we were on the movie set.  
We are glad we stopped, but, the loop drive and our picture ops cost an hour, plus driving and we arrived at Mt. Rushmore later than planned.  

We arrived late afternoon at Mt. Rushmore and the shadows were already beginning to fall across the presidents faces, but, we enjoyed walking down the promenade to get to the open view of 
Mt Rushmore.  The promenade had columns with each state name and each of the states flags.

It is impressive, but, after awhile there is only so much you can stare at.....but, wouldn't have wanted to miss it!

I had also seen Mt. Rushmore as a child.

We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express in Mt. Rushmore-land.  The area reminded me of staying around Gatlinburg, Tennessee (even tho, I have never been there)....... totally touristy.....I was surprised and disappointed of the area we stayed the night....

So cross off one major monument off the list.....check. 
Only 27 more days to go......

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