Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5, 2015.....a year to the day...

We left Yellowstone early morning.....and, just as we were pulling out of the parking lot, "Old Faithful" erupted just to say 'so long.'  We had a long drive ahead of us to arrive at Glacier National Park Lodge before it got too dark.
Yellowstone is beautiful in most areas (except for the pine trees that we first saw).
On the road on the way out, there were a couple of buffalo moseying along the road and we had to stop for them.  I wasn't able to get a picture of them that close to the was too blurry.  And, Phil and I were very still, I didn't want to aggravate them and have them do something to the car or us!  However, the one came so close to the side mirror on the drivers side of the car that his "head fur" brushed against the mirror.  We held our breath....but, he kept moving and so did we.....

We skirted Butte, Montana and located a Target.  Phil thought I needed a better camera than using my phone or iPad.   We bought a discontinued Sony Digital Camera that worked very well for my use.....posting to the blog.

Continuing our drive north we were pretty much by ourselves on the road...not much traffic.  
The closer we got to Glacier....the more touristy shops.   We stopped at one and Phil bought a pair of moccasins....something he has always wanted ever since he was a kid.  I bought some souvenirs for the grandkids...a faux bear claw....some native stones....I tried to send postcards to the kids from every landmark.  

We arrived at Glacier Park Lodge and it is a beautiful structure.  
The room was a nice sized and fresher than the Yellowstone room.  The bathroom was small with a teeny sink.  We had planned to stay there two nights.....the next day we took the Red  Bus tour in Glacier National Park.
Many travelers and visitors in the area.....folks mingling in the grand room...someone playing the baby different than Yellowstone!

Tomorrow - Glacier National Park
Journey Mercies 

Glacier Park Lodge - Lobby